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TRI Newsletter - February

So where did January go? As we all make our way back into the office and enquiries increase in number it certainly was a busy month.


Welcome to the first of our 2022 newsletters. In this edition we are going to find out a bit more about partner Paul Davies….serious bit first but if you really want to know what makes him tick read to the end!


I am a Business Restructuring and Insolvency Partner who joined James Cowper Kreston in December 2020. 

My particular focus is on turnaround and restructuring and I am the current President of the Turnaround Management Association UK as well as being a Board member since January 2018. I was named Turnaround Professional of the Year at the 2017 TRI Awards and am also a qualified insolvency practitioner, licensed by the ICAEW to accept formal insolvency appointments in the UK.

I have operated in restructuring and insolvency for over 20 years and my role incorporates debt advisory (particularly the alternative finance market), accelerated M&A, Board advisory, business reviews and stakeholder negotiations as well as formal insolvency.  I have recently worked in a number of sectors including hotels and leisure, food, construction and logistics. 

My most recent projects include providing contingency advice to a high street retailer, board advice to a large construction group and the Administration and sale of a London hotel.

Click here to contact Paul directly, or follow him on LinkedIn.

1. Best place you’ve ever been on holiday and why?

Las Vegas! It’s like Disneyland for adults, they do everything bigger and better!

2. If you could have dinner with 3 people who would they be and why?

Dynamo – for the entertainment but I also find his life story really interesting. 

Jasmine Harman from A Place in the Sun, she has my dream job combining my love of travel and property!  

Tom Brady – one of the best in the sport, has won more championships than any team (never mind player!) and carried on strong until a similar age to me!

3. If you were an Olympian what sport would it be in?

It was always football for me though I did used to play a lot of badminton.

4. Least favourite food?

Sushi – I’m not a fan of any food that should be cooked and hasn’t been!

5. Most favourite drink?

Amaretto – anything with a marzipan flavour is always popular with me!

6. What are you passionate about?

I really enjoy travel and property, I’m always either looking through Rightmove or researching our next holiday...

7. Favourite thing about TRI?

The variety – I really enjoy meeting new people, working on completely different assignments in completely different sectors.  In my TRI career I have run a duck slaughterhouse, retail shops and a musical instrument maker. I’ve advised franchisees of 2 of the biggest franchisors in the world and found funding for well know high street chains and former Apprentice contestants.

8. Best thing about working for JCK?

The people – I’ve been with JCK for 12 months, joining in the pandemic and not seeing anyone else in person from JCK for 4 months after I joined.  However, I have felt welcomed throughout the period and feel like I have been with JCK for a lot longer than 12 months (in a good way!)

9. What keeps you awake at night?

Nothing! I love my sleep.

10. What's something that not many people know about you?

My brother was a professional footballer. If it’s about me, then it’s USA focused, I really enjoy watching NFL and I’ve been to Las Vegas 9 times….


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If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please do so by contacting any members of the TRI TeamWatch out for further newsletters from us, covering a variety of topics for restructuring your business.

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