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The importance of the audit and risk committee

The Academy Trust Handbook requires that all Academy Trusts must establish an audit and risk committee. This can either be:

  • A separate committee (mandatory if your Trust has income over £50m), or
  • A committee which includes the role of an audit and risk committee within its terms of reference.


Benchmark report

It is becoming more important than ever to keep control of costs and be innovative. Benchmarking data should be used to understand financial performance and to guide decision making.

Every February we publish a Benchmarking report specifically for our academy clients. The report will include information from over 300 Trusts representing more than 1,400 schools that are clients of the constituent members of the Kreston Academies Group. The report should be of use to Business Managers, Accounting Officers and trustees and should provide real insight into emerging trends within the sector. The next Benchmark report is due early February 2022 and we will be holding a webinar on 24th February 2022 covering the findings from the report. Please sign up here if you would like to attend.


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